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How Does Online Trademark Registration Work?

The trademark registration process is very hassle-free. The whole process might take almost 1-week time. Here is how the process goes on.


Purchase the most suitable plan for you.


After finally deciding your logo and other crucial details, share it with the registration company


Now, file for your trademark online.

Trademark Registration

What is a trademark?
A trademark is the unique identity of your product and services that help the people identify your business. Furthermore, it also legally protects your brand name, logo, and identity and saves you from copyright issues. Once you have registered for a trademark, you patent it and it becomes your intellectual property. After patenting the trademark, you can sue the people who copy your property and try to steal it in any way.
Who should go for Trademark
If you have a small business that is yet to gain public attention, you can keep the trademark registration for your business in hold for some time and focus on other the aspect of the business. It actually becomes necessary when your business has already gained exposure and become a brand in the market. In particular, trademark registration is necessary for private limited companies, partnership firms, and other entities such as NGOs, trusts, and institutes.

Benefits of Trademark registration:

If you wonder why you need a trademark registration, let us tell you there are many benefits to it. Owning something legally and ethically has its own advantages. To name out a few:

  • Your unique identity

A trademark registration establishes you as a brand in the market. You have your own identification. You can vouch for the quality of your brand proudly. Thus, it helps you grow your business significantly.

  • Legal protection

The most significant importance of trademark registration is the legal protection of your business. If you have got your trademark registered, you don’t need to worry about the copyright issues and legal troubles. In short, having a trademark registration means you have full authority to that business.

  • Makes a business an asset

Another great benefit of registering the trademark is that it helps you make your small business never-ending asset. It lets you ethically publicize your brand and its quality. From online platforms to the offline partnership, it opens many new doors for your business.

Documents required for Trademark registration 

Before you head out to register your company, let us tell you the required checklist.
  • Unique name
First of all, decide the unique name of the company. Your company’s name shouldn’t match with any existing companies.
  • Registered office
Your company must have a registered office. It can be either a posh office or a rented room, but you must have a place to register as the office address.
  • Minimum capital contribution
You’re registering for a company, so obviously, you’re expected to have some money in your hand. At the minimum, you should have a capital amount of INR 1 lakh.
  • Two directors
Your company must have two directors and one of them should be Indian. The maximum number of directors you can have is 15.

Process for Trademark registration

The trademark registration process is very hassle-free. The whole process might take almost 1-week time. Here is how the process goes on.

  • Purchase the most suitable plan for you.
  • After finally deciding your logo and other crucial details, share it with the registration company.
  • Now, file for your trademark online.
  • Eventually, avail your application number.

Documents required for trademark registration

The trademark registration process doesn’t need a pile of documents to be submitted. Just a couple of them is enough. Here are the required documents.

  • Get a copy of the logo or the brand name that you wish to register.
  • Valid ID proof such as a PAN card or passport is required.
  • Address proof of the owner is also required.
  • The last document you need is the certificate of incorporation.

The meaning of the trademark symbols

The trademark world has its own symbols that have their own meaning. To understand those symbols, you’ll need to have detailed information about them. Those significant symbols are:

  • R symbol

If you see a trademark with R symbol, it means the trademark has been registered and now no one can copy that logo or the name.

  • ™ Symbol

This symbol is dedicated to unregistered trademarks. It doesn’t offer you copyright protection, but it will warn others from copying your trademark, name, and symbol.

  • C Symbol

A trademark with a C symbol means it has no copyright issues.

  • SM symbol

You’ll see SM symbol mainly in the service industry. Though it doesn’t ensure copyright issues, it does represents the fact that the trademark has been filed for the registration.

FAQs on Trademark registration

Yes, it can be. You can register the trademark anytime, before and after starting the business

No, if you have registered a trademark in India, it will be valid in India only.

The valid duration of trademark registration is really long. It lasts for 10 years. Once it has been expired, you can further renew it.

The answer to this question can be yes as well no. If the category of the goods is the same that you filled while registering, yes you can use your trademark for other goods of the same category. However, if the class of the product is different, it would need to look for other options.

Registering your company’s trademark with the government, you would need INR 9000.

Trademark Registration

Secure Trademark registration for your Brand Name & Logo